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Tips for finding your wedding photographer

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I’d like to think the reason I’ve attracted so many wonderful couples is because we’ve conducted a thorough consultation process. During this conversation I find out as much as possible about their plans and answer any important questions they may have. In conclusion, I always remind them that the most important thing to ask themselves is: do they feel comfortable and relaxed with their chosen photographer? I remind them that their photographer is going to be with them all day. Let’s face it, your photographer will be sharing your most intimate moments, guiding you through every stage, so it’s important you feel you can trust and relate to them. We understand choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting process. There are so many photographers to choose from, so where do you start? Before you hire your wedding photographer, it’s a good idea to know a few things about them first.

  1. What is their photographic style? Is it classic, posed and formal, edgy and creative, photojournalistic, artistic, fun and candid or traditional? Does their style fit in with your personalities and wedding theme?

  2. Does their current portfolio match with what you envision for your own wedding?

  3. Confirm who will be your main photographer. Is it the person you’re speaking to? Will there be a second photographer or assistants? Would you like to meet with them also?

  4. Is your photographer open to taking particular shots you may request? Many photographers refuse to do this, citing that it stifles their unique creativity.

  5. Ask them how long they’ve specifically worked as a wedding photographer. Have they photographed at your venue before? If your wedding is a large one, have they photographed large groups before?

  6. Are they confident at keeping to time?

  7. Ask to look at a variety of typical photos taken during a wedding. Portfolios often contain the best of a photographer’s work, so seeing photos from getting ready, the ceremony or formal family photos can give you a broader perspective of their style and capability.

  8. Will they help you in scouting a great location for your official photos?

  9. Can they provide any references for you to contact?

  10. Do they have a plan in place in the event they’re sick?

  11. When can you expect to receive your package/images after the wedding?

  12. How much deposit do they require and do they have a contract?

After your meeting, it’s important to ask:

  • Do I like this person, do I like their personality?

  • Do I feel like they really listened to us, did they ‘get’ us and what we're after?

  • Do I get a good feeling about them?

  • Do I LOVE their wedding portfolio?

  • Do I feel relaxed and at ease around them?

If you answered yes to the above, then take action and book your chosen photographer immediately. Not only will you enjoy your day, most importantly you will have results that you will treasure forever.

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